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Learn the Art of Energy Healing

Is your heart calling you?

Is your heart calling you to learn energy healing? To walk the path of the healer and help others while aligning with your life purpose and furthering your self-healing and self-transformation? To perhaps become in your own perfect divine timing a professional energy healer yourself?

If you feel called by energy healing, be assured that there is a gift or special talent already present in yourself and awaiting you in the treasure chest of your heart.

Maybe you already have started to work with this gift and want to develop it further, or maybe you know you have this longing and you are ready to bring it to fruition. In this online course, you will learn to master the essential skills of a healer and develop your natural gifts, while the different practice healings and exercises will help you gain confidence in your innate abilities.

Learn the fundamental skills

Becoming a healer requires a knowledge of fundamental energy healing skills, some ability to operate from a balanced energy system, to perceive subtle energies and to receive divine guidance, as well as deep self-awareness and self-knowledge. 

In this course, you will receive a solid foundation in all of these aspects, as well as ample opportunity to practice them to deepen your skills and personal transformation. I will walk with you each step of the way, teaching you in high-definition videos insights and practices gained over 20 years of experience and practice.

A four-month training giving you a solid foundation

A physicist by training, my style of teaching is direct, grounded and straight to the point—saving you invaluable time and outlining clearly for you what is most important for you to know and practice.

The course spreads over four months to allow you enough time to practice, assimilate the lessons and grow. Each lesson builds on the previous ones and teaches you skills that can be applied both to the healing setting or to your life. 

Practicing the healing, energetic, intuitive and transformational skills thoroughly will allow you to gain the essential skills of the healer rapidly. At the end of this course, you will be well equipped to walk the path of the healer—with fundamental, invaluable tools that you will be able to use for a lifetime.

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What you will learn

LEARN essential energy healing skills, working with the aura and chakras

DEVELOP your intuitive abilities and subtle senses

CONNECT to inner guidance

ALIGN and BALANCE your own energy system

TRANSFORM old patterns and EXPAND yourself

EMBODY your Light

Align with Your Higher Purpose, Embody Your Light

...while learning from the Comfort of Your Home

Learn whenever you want, at your own pace

In this four-month online course, you will have access to a state of the art learning environment where you can learn at your own pace and watch the on-demand lessons as many times as you wish—from your computer, tablet or smartphone—as well as join private discussion areas to connect and discuss with fellow students—and make new friends! 

Eight on-demand teaching modules

A new teaching module with several lessons consisting of High Definition videos, presentations, practices and exercises will be released every 16 days for you for four months (starting today after you sign up), giving you enough time to practice the exercises, skills or meditations before the release of the next module. Watch each of the eight modules and their lessons as many times as you need to assimilate the new material and do the practice exercises. The course's curriculum will spread over four months, but you will have access to the course's material and the private training area for an entire year after you register.

Receive personalized support and coaching

Additional option of 4 private coaching sessions

With this option, you will have the opportunity to schedule with me four 60-minute one-on-one private coaching sessions through phone or Skype at a reduced cost. Receive extended support and feedback as you deepen your practice of healing skills. Ask whatever questions you have or for any clarification you need, do the exercises with me or let me witness your practice healing or other skills through Skype so I can give you feedback. I will work with you energetically or intuitively, and help you with your process when needed. This is a really sweet deal that I may only offer this year!

Healing Light Activation + Certificate of completion

After completion of the last module, you will be eligible to receive a powerful Healing Light Activation. This activation will help you continue further on your healing path and align with your intention, with special energetic clearing transmitted from the spiritual guides involved in this training.

After completion of all the modules, you will also receive a Certificate testifying that you completed the online energy healing training in Healing Light Energetics. 

More than a training, a spiritual path in itself

When I give in-person trainings, a solid, grounded, light-filled sacred space is created intentionally. It is my intention that this online training also makes available to you such a sacred space of light and transformation. 

Students who are serious about this learning experience and their own personal transformation and commitment will greatly benefit from the spiritual help and light available through the sacred template provided by this training.

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What you will get

Four-month online training with one-year access to a state of the art learning environment and private discussion area. Start whenever you want and learn at your own pace!

Eight on-demand teaching modules with HD videos, presentations, practices and exercises (watch from any computer, tablet or smartphone)

Additional option of four 60-minute one-on-one private coaching sessions (Space is limited!

Energetic, intuitive and transformational exercises, skills or meditations to be practiced after each module's release

Powerful Healing Light Activation after completion of all modules

Certificate of Completion of the Healing Light Energetics training following the completion of the course

Testimonials for Trainings

I would like to thank you so much for today. Never in one day have I released so much that was not working for me in a positive way and gained so much that makes me feel uplifted, in balance and peaceful… It is a treasure. I am grateful.
M.K. Artist
I was very impressed by your workshop and felt many positive outcomes for all involved. The sacred and safe environment that was opened assisted me in shifting areas that I had been reluctant to delve into previously. The divine healing occurred ever so gently but with tremendous results.
D.C. Laboratory Scientist
I highly recommend this valuable workshop to anyone who is committed to self-healing and to opening to the Light within. (…) Thank you again for the workshop, for the personal energy work, for the various exercises, and for your love and support.
E.J. Educational Consultant

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About Your Instructor

Serge Rascle, M.S.

Serge Rascle, M.S.

Energy Healer, Teacher

A former physicist and software engineer in the space industry, Serge has been practicing energy healing for 20+ years and walking the spiritual path for 30 years. He studied energy healing with some of the most gifted healers and teachers in the United States, including with Barbara Brennan at her four-year long school and with healer Jonathan Goldman. Bringing his many years of experience with psychospiritual self-transformation to his healing approach and teaching, Serge works with clients and students in the United States and internationally. Connecting intuitive knowing and grounded thinking with the power of an open heart, he is passionate about life, energy and consciousness—and awed by the Power that created the multidimensional vastness of the universe.

An Invitation to walk the path of the heart-centered healer

There is one thing I learned in my life that I would like to pass on to you: Follow your dreams and your longings.

Twenty-five years ago, in 1992, I was traveling in the Himalayas in remote Indian regions. I had quit a comfortable job in the Space industry, following my heart and longing to embark on a spiritual quest and explore the world. At more than 11,000 feet, I met another world traveler who started to talk about energy healing. I didn't know much about the subject at the time, except there were still traditional healers in my native France, often located in small villages in the countryside. As we were talking, I discovered that anybody could actually learn energy healing, as long as they were feeling called to this healing art. It started to pique my interest. Somehow, I intuitively knew that my hands had a special power to help others.

A year or two later, as I was back in France, a stranger emerged from a crowd and approached me with his dog. Almost right away, without spending any time introducing the subject, he told me I had healing abilities and pointed to areas of my body which were already clear, and to other areas that still needed purification and integration. I was a little bit puzzled, but somehow it felt right. As I thanked him, he disappeared back into the crowd.

This was the way the Universe called me—It may call you in a very different way—gently coming and tapping on my shoulder, and pointing to an inner longing I wasn't totally aware of yet. Following the call, I studied and practiced energy healing, self-transformation and self-purification for the next two decades and more. Years later, I am now a full-time energy healer and teacher, with a radically deepened connection to the reality of light, love, energy and consciousness underlying the fabric of all life.

Had I not paid attention to these calls and nudges from Spirit—first to leave my job and travel, then to embark onto the healing path—my life would have been vastly different (and I might still be cloistered in a colorless office doing a job that I don't enjoy.)

So today, I invite you to walk with me the path of the heart-centered healer. 

If your heart is calling you, come with me and I will share with you the essence of my 20+ years of experience as an energy healer.

Ready for the nuggets of wisdom I have gleaned along the way? :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone interested in learning energy healing or who would like to deepen her/his understanding and practice of the different skills of the healer (i.e. healing, energetic, intuitive and transformational skills). This is also a great course for therapists, nurses, doctors, bodyworkers and other healers interested in broadening their perspective.

How can I participate in the training?

All the modules are on-demand, i.e. you can watch the different sections of the course at any time you choose and how many times you want. This makes it much easier to participate regardless of your country and time zone, because the course is always "on"! Lessons will include HD videos, presentations and practices such as meditations or energetic exercises for example. Each of the 8 modules consist of several lessons and will be released every 16 days over 4 months for a balanced learning experience.

What equipment do I need to participate in the training?

All you need is a computer or tablet with an Internet connection, or a smartphone. 

Do you have special discounts if I want to take the training with a friend or several friends?

Yes! Feel free to contact me here for information on special discounts for two or more participants. 

What about if I refer friends or people I know to the training?

You can participate in the referral program and earn some money back and for example lower your investment in the course. It's a lot of work to create a course like this, so I would be thrilled if you could help me spread the word about it! If you are interested in the referral program, you can contact me here.

How long will I have access to the course material?

The course's curriculum will spread over 4 months, but you will have access to the private training area for an entire year after you register, giving you plenty of time to complete or review the modules, skills and exercises after they have been released. Options to extend or renew the access period will also be made available. Let me know if you are interested.

Could you tell me more about the one-on-one coaching sessions?

If you choose this additional option of four coaching sessions, I will meet personally with you by phone, Skype or videoconferencing, for four 60-minute coaching sessions to be taken during the training at your convenience, following each module's release or up to a year after you register. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your experience with your practice healings, let me witness your healing work if you so choose, and receive personal advice or help with your process, to name a few. This is a great deal as each of my private 60-minute coaching session usually costs $150.

Will you also offer in-person group intensives for students who want to go deeper after the training?

Yes, intensives and retreats in various exotic locations will be offered to the training's graduates. The intention is to help you deepen your experience of energy healing and practice with like-minded students in a co-created sacred space—while enjoying life and resourcing yourself in the beauty of nature!

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this training program, the course is nonrefundable. 

What about if I have other questions?

You can contact me here or by clicking on the "Support" link below in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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4 X $249 4-month Payment Plan 4 X $249
$899.00 One-Time Payment (Save $97) Buy Now
$1,299.00 One-Time Payment includes 4 Coaching Sessions (Save $297) Buy Now